Waste Management

The MAPA Regional Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan was developed in October 1994, for the purposes of satisfying the requirements of the Integrated Solid Waste Management Act (Nebraska R.S.S. 13-2000 to 13-2043) and the Waste Reduction - Recycling Act (Iowa Code, Volume 3, Chapter 455D). It was updated to reflect the establishment of a Regional Household Hazardous Waste Facility for residents of the Douglas and Sarpy counties the planning period for the Plan will end by 2015. Representatives in Douglas, Sarpy and Pottawattamie have agreed that it is appropriate to coordinate regionally to review and update the MAPA Regional Solid Waste Plan to address future solid waste management and resource conservation issues. MAPA has agreed to serve as the coordinating agency for all aspects of the Plan review and update in cooperation with representatives from jurisdictions throughout the region. MAPA will provide leadership in pursuing other funding for the update, conducting negotiations with consultants, managing consultant contracts and reporting progress on work performed. The updated Plan will recommend solid waste management practices and resource conservation policies and goals that may be appropriate for the region.

pdf 1994 Regional Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan

pdf 2003 Solid Waste Management Plan Update- Douglas & Sarpy Counties, NE

pdf Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan Update- June 2012